In 2020, Schwab announced its acquisition of TD Ameritrade, and now after three years, the anticipated transition date will be September 5th of this year! You can rest assured there is little you need to do, and your relationship with us, your advisor, will not change as part of the transition. Schwab will automatically transfer your assets, and you will be assigned a new account number for each one of your accounts.

By the end of June 2023, you will be receiving either an email or mail (depending on your preference settings) from Charles Schwab for each of your TD Ameritrade accounts (“Account Transition Notice”). We apologize in advance to those that have multiple accounts as you will receive an email or letter for each account you hold with TD Ameritrade.

If you would like to learn more about the transition and the official communication from Charles Schwab, you can click here for more information. If you have any questions about the transition please let us know. Otherwise, we hope you are enjoying your summer and we will talk soon!