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Comprehensive Financial Planning & Wealth Management Services

We help our clients achieve financial independence through our retirement planning process.

During this phase of our planning, we will look at current assets and savings to come up with a roadmap of possibilities. This will inform our decisions in other areas of our planning process and is foundational for our discussions going forward. At the end of this stage, we will have a better idea of whether you are saving enough, if you are allocating your funds appropriately given your goals/investment horizon and whether your current savings strategy will lead to your long-term success.

Our income planning process is an area that we pay particular attention to as this area will determine your probability of maintaining your financial independence.

We will coordinate our investment management strategy with our distribution strategy to ensure we are optimizing the withdrawals are taken from the appropriate buckets of investment. In addition, we will coordinate our tax saving strategies with the timing and distribution from taxable, tax-free and tax deferred accounts. It is our belief, that by paying close attention to these little details, this will magnify the impact of our overall financial plan.

One area that is commonly overlooked is the transfer of wealth to beneficiaries and making sure this process is properly carried out.

Through our estate planning process, we will uncover what is important to you and your family. We will ensure that your intention for beneficiaries is carried out in the manner that it was designed to do. In addition, if necessary, we will help coordinate with any Estate Planning attorney that is needed or work with any existing relationship a client may have. We will also assess any special consideration or taxes that might impact the estate upon passing. It is important to know that our work does not stop if our client was to pass. We will continue to help your beneficiaries throughout the process and be a resource for them during their time of grief.

Our investment management process will start with a risk tolerance exercise that is different than most.

Instead of the standard 10 question survey, we will guide you through a more in-depth analysis to hopefully uncover a more accurate representation of your true risk tolerance. After this step is completed, we will construct a portfolio that will fit your risk tolerance, income needs as well as keeping your tax savings strategies top of mind. We will review this regularly to ensure all the parts are moving in coordination with one another and that the investments are fitting with the overall intent of the plan.

Tax saving strategies are not a one size fits all and vary drastically with every individual and family.

When assessing this area of our planning, we will review tax returns to assess what tax-saving strategies may make sense given the circumstances. This will give us a better understanding of where current opportunities may exist and what future opportunities will present themselves given our planning. If necessary, we will communicate our actions to our client’s tax professional to ensure that we are developing a plan that is coordination with their efforts. 

Education for children or grandchildren is not as straightforward as whether a 529 plan will be used.

When working with families we will address if there is any intent or desire to fund college for a student. If there is a desire to help with college, then we will look at current funding sources and project the necessary amounts needed to make up any shortfall. When it is time for the student to go off to college, we will coordinate distributions from the various accounts and look to maximize financial aid awards through different strategies involving non-retirement accounts not earmarked for college.

We are fortunate enough to work with many individuals, small businesses & families that want to give back.

During our discovery meeting we will uncover any current or future charitable intent. This will help inform our decisions for tax savings along with our estate planning process. We will look at Donor Advised funds, Charitable remainder trust and ensure that when you itemize your return your maximizing your charitable contributions.

During this process of our planning we will assess the gaps & potential risks to your financial plan.

This risk management analysis will look at Life, Disability, Long-term Care & Health insurance to mitigate those risk if necessary. We will focus particular attention to catastrophic risks or risks that we deem to have an unacceptable outcome. 

Business owners need to know their options as it relates to design and implementing retirement plans for their business.

We have the resources and knowledge to help design a 401-k or defined benefit around your intent. Let our team of experienced advisors uncover what tax benefits you could be missing out on and help implement fringe benefits employees will use. 

401-k/403b/457, Non-Qualified Deferred Comp, Stock Options & Employer Benefits

Regardless of the employer sponsored plan, incentive compensation or fringe benefit package, we can help structure our plan to maximize the benefits offered by the employer.

We can provide guidance as to the types of benefits that are being offered and what benefits make the most sense to take part in. When it comes time to separate employment, we can assist with transitioning the money to your retirement accounts, as well, revisit any insurance that will be needed with your new path forward.

By contacting us, you may be offered information regarding the purchase of insurance and investment products.
Your investment advisor is not permitted to offer, and no statement contained herein shall constitute tax or legal advice. You should consult a legal or tax professional on any such matters.

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