Should you expect life to be better in retirement?

Not according to roughly 1 in 5 folks.1 They think their golden years are worse than they expected. 1

And they’re feeling anxious, lonely, depressed, and isolated in retired life.2

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not for folks who want to break the mold and carve their own path.

Sometimes, unhappiness stems from how they transitioned into retirement.3 It left them feeling like they’ve just suffered a major separation, similar to a divorce or death.3

For others, their unhappiness has more to do with how they spend their time.4

The happiest retirees are those who have discovered meaningful ways to invest their time.5

So, what’s the best way to transition into retired life?

How should you spend your time to enjoy a happier, more rewarding retirement?

That’s what we’re exploring in this Visual Insights Newsletter.

Your ideal retirement doesn’t have to follow the traditional path.

Creative alternatives can offer more flexibility. They can make it easier to transition into retirement and stay connected to a sense of purpose.6

That can benefit our overall well-being. And it may just help us live longer, richer lives.7

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P.S. Most folks say that an ideal day in retirement would involve 2 to 3 hours for their hobbies.7 What hobbies do you want to take up or perfect when you retire? If you are already retired, what hobbies are you enjoying right now? Hit “reply” and share your answers. We would love to hear more about your interests and how they will be (or are) part of your life in retirement.