Bill’s journey began in a small town in Iowa, where he was born into a family that epitomized the essence of hard work and determination. Weighing only 4 pounds at birth and given his last rites three times, Bill’s very survival from infancy was a testament to the tenacity that would later become the cornerstone of the company he started.

The values that underpin Babb Financial Group find their roots in the life of Bill’s father, a man who balanced his day job at a meatpacking plant with his passion for racing cars at night. This dedication was not for personal glory but a means to provide for his family of five children. The dual role of his father, tirelessly working to ensure the family’s wellbeing, instilled in Bill a profound understanding of responsibility, perseverance, and the significance of securing a stable financial future.

In 1981, after following his high school sweetheart to Arizona, Bill founded Babb Financial Group in Flagstaff, not just as a business venture but as an embodiment of these Midwestern values. His early challenges, coupled with the lessons learned from his father’s unrelenting work ethic, shaped the firm’s commitment to offering steadfast financial guidance.

Before establishing the firm, Bill’s life was marked by diverse experiences. From racing cars to serving honorably as a sergeant in the United States Army, each chapter of his life contributed to his resilient character and growth as an individual. His pursuit of higher education, culminating in degrees from Northern Arizona University, and his initial career as an administrator at NAU, were steps towards finding his true calling in financial services.

Babb Financial Group’s inception was a vision of creating a firm that would have a positive & lasting impact for the community. Today, Babb Financial Group stands as a beacon of the values that Bill and his family lived by. The firm’s journey from its humble beginnings to its present stature is a reflection of unyielding qualities – growth, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact.

Bill, Sergeant in the United States Army

Bill racing in car 21

Bill, Kathleen & Cynthia

Bill at St. Joseph Hospital

National Sprint Car Hall of Fame – Knoxville, IA

Babb Financial Group client event

Bill alongside his first wife, Cheri

Bill, Cheri, Josh & Travis

Bill & Jill, founders of Childhelp Flagstaff Chapter


The Arizona Cardinals

When hanging out with grandkids

Pebble Beach


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